Sheree Smith has worked with me for almost 30 years. She is licensed, highly skilled, and extremely helpful to my customers and friends. She makes it possible for our care for your business to be in two places at once. And she’s fun — you’ll like her. Sheree is competent with contracts and negotiations, but her first love is the technical aspects our jobs. She is the publisher, editor, photographer, bookkeeper, and computer tech support in our shared business. She supervises all the behind-the-scenes details of our work for you. It’s a more-than-full-time job!

Sheree is often easier to find than I am. She is “on call” for your needs. Do you need to see a house in a hurry? Get a quick question answered? Check a file for information? Get a quick email or fax with the paperwork you need? When I am out with another customer, Sheree is there for you.

Home buyers love looking at houses with Sheree because she is extra smart about structural issues, construction standards, and mechanical systems. Sheree’s advice is invaluable and she loves what she does. She has no patience with sales fluff. If you ask her a question, you’ll get a straight answer. If even she doesn’t know the answer, she loves a challenge! She’ll call on experts and dig deep into all available resources until she finds what you need to know.

Sellers love Sheree’s attention to details. Sheree reviews all promotional text and disclosure forms to try to protect Sellers from misunderstandings, to try to avoid home condition problems from becoming legal problems later. She prepares thorough market reports to help me update Sellers on their competitive position in our local market. The advertising packages that Sheree prepares for our listings are just plain more attractive than others we see from other Realtors. There’s an artist in her soul. Sheree is an inspired photographer.

If you need something in a hurry and you can’t find me, ask for Sheree. My job keeps me away from my desk a lot. Sheree has access to all of my files, all of my records, and all of my resources. She can answer almost any question. She can help you get your business done and tell me about it later if that’s what’s needed. And if Sheree can’t handle your immediate needs, she can find me faster than even my own family can. It’s her job to help me help you.

Sheree’s husband of over 30 years is a great resource, as well. Phillip Gonzales knows everything there is to know about cleaning any surface in a home. His help can be critical when we are trying to “spiff’ a house to show well. Sheree and Phill have been leaders in their neighborhood homeowners’ association. They are especially smart about issues in and around downtown Topeka. And, they are eager to help you and me!