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Welcome to my Internet "library"!
I am Helen Crow. I have been helping folks buy and sell homes in Topeka all of my adult life. My assistant, Sheree Smith has been helping me help my customers for more than 20 years. We are each especially good at different things. We hope that means the best of help for YOU. We are excited to offer this no hassle/no registration/no strings attached Internet tool box for your convenience. We are constantly expanding and improving this website, hoping to provide an easy way for YOU to learn about Topeka and Topeka real estate. We have a lot to share! We hope this is just a beginning in sharing great resources with you!

Buyers and Sellers, please find information in the pages on the menu at the left to help build your knowledge base about buying and selling real estate in Topeka, Kansas. 

I have a special program for Topeka newcomers. I don't think anyone does quite what I do. Some of Topeka's largest employers use me to help recruit job candidates and to help new employees get comfortable in their new hometown. There's a lot to be excited about in Topeka, but it helps to know where to look.

My goal
is to be your best source for straight talk and intelligent advice
about buying and selling homes in Topeka, Kansas. Starting here and through a move. My job isn't over at closing, either. Sheree and I keep working to help my customers find the best help to maintain their homes, to improve their homes, and to settle comfortably into their new neighborhoods and our community. 
Kirk & Cobb, Inc., REALTORS is a three generation family business with some pretty great resources in place to ease your path, as well. I am very proud of all we do.

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Please use this website as a complimentary resource for your convenience. We aim to please. Missing something you wish were here? Need more information about something specific? Need help just getting started? Please tell me at Helen@HelenCrow.com or tell Sheree at Sheree@HelenCrow.com. 

My current listings are below. (Aren't they wonderful?!) Please don't try to judge my business expertise by my listing inventory at any given moment in time - my various listings change constantly. My recent sales prices range from under $35,000 to over $500,000. I work with old houses, new houses, townhomes, mansions and modular homes... just about anything you can live in. Really. I even sold a house made out of a railroad boxcar once. (!) I pride myself on working in every price range and in every corner of Shawnee County.

The mortgage calculator shown with my listing details is great help understanding the principal and interest part of a house payment, BUT it leaves out taxes, homeowners' insurance and mortgage insuring premiums (PMI). Most folks add those fees on to the principal and interest to make total house payments a very different number than the totals shown here. The software makes it easy to consider different interest rates and terms. Take time to play with loan re-payment schedules on differing timelines. It doesn't take a double payment to pay a house off in half the time! Even at today's low rates, living mortgage-free seems like a good use of money to me. Check local interest rates at www.capfed.com.